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Nannies in Le Grand Bornand

Merinannies offers you top quality nanny services in Le Grand Bornand. Please see bellow some useful info about the resort and kids' activities in Le Grand Bornand.

What a Merinanny can do in Grand Bornand

Apart from skiing or boarding, there are special sledging areas, swimming with an outside pool facing the ski slopes, a skating rink, karting on ice, snow bikes, paragliding, dog sledding, guided walks and snowshoeing (raquettes). You can even ski by moonlight whenever there is a Full Moon.

There is crazy golf for older kids, a History of skiing Museum and of course organised village tours.

After skiing you can also visit the cheese-making demonstrations using local Reblochon with a vin chaud , or the numerous chocolateries in the village experiencing the best chocolate makers in France.

About Resort

Le Grand Bornand

Le Grand Bornand is a beautiful family-orientated ski-resort located in the heart of the tranquil French Alps. This wonderful ski resort offers some of the best skiing, snowboarding and winter sports in the French Alps. All year round Le Grand Bornand is packed with activities including pony trekking, walking, rock climbing, paragliding and hot air ballooning. Only 50 minutes from Geneva Airport a great opportunity to get away.

With access to more than 220km of sunny pistes to suit all abilities, extensive off-piste areas and a snow record that is the envy of many larger resorts, you’re guaranteed an unforgettable winter holiday





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