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Hourly rates vary according to the week, number of children and resort and they start from €18 per hour

Full week is 6 days for 8 hours of your choice per day ( the hours to be consecutive and between 8am to 7pm ) Part time week is mornings or afternoons from 8.30am or 1:30pm and for 4 hours per day.

All night care from midnight to early morning , please ask for details.

We can offer flexibility if you book 6 or more hours per day and a package price.

Evening babysitting on special days is charged at a different rate, please ask as prices vary for each resort. We offer fewer days and hours in non peak weeks, please send us an email or the online form for these packages.

If you wish to discuss any specific requirements or to obtain further information please contact us:- Email : [email protected] - Phone : +44(0) 7860925055 ( if you can't reach us please leave a message or text us and we will call you back)

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